How To Stop Dht And Regrow A Full Head Of Hair

By Mark Hall

It has been proved by various studies that the real enemy behind the loss of hair is nothing but DHT. Rising levels of DHT in the blood can over time cause hair follicles to become blocked up and damaged. At first you only notice increase hair shedding. Many people in this stage report see more hair left in the shower drain or on their pillow. If this is the case the best thing is to can intervene early. Just like other disease processes hair loss is more easily treated if it is contained early on. DHT can this be prevented with natural supplements for the stimulation of hair growth.

There are several different ways to contain DHT, like blocking it from adhering to the hair follicles, inhibiting the very production of DHT or the enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. 5- alpha-reductase is the real cause of the production of DHT. Reducing the quantity of cholesterol can also contain DHT, as this is the substance that is responsible for the production of 5-alpha-reductase. So, an inhibitor of DHT can act in any of the above-mentioned ways and after inhibition of DHT the hair follicles can give rise to new hair.

Nature Provides The Some Good Solutions:


Zinc is one of the freely available natural elements that acts as a DHT inhibitor and is found in various food items. Another inhibitor is Saw Palmetto that is also natural and acts in the same way as Propecia. Firstly, it blocks 5-alpha-reductase and afterwards deactivates the DHT receptors on cells. This has been the easiest way for the preventing the increase of DHT. DHT is involved not only in loss of hair} but also in many other diseases, like prostrate cancer. Saw Palmetto has been found to able to counter benign protrastic disease as an antiandrogen tat can also kill the follicles of the scalp. It has lots of potential.

Inhibition of the very production of DHT can remove the hair fail issue from its root itself and this can be achieved by the use of another natural inhibitor Pygeum extract. It works by having specific constituents that removes the chance of accumulation of the cholesterol in prostate glands and reduce the prolacting levels. Prostate glands take up the testosterone rapidly in the presence of prolactin and high levels of cholesterol increases DHT receptors in number.

If you have suffered extensive damage to your hair follicles then your best option may be to pursue a hair transplant. Over the years hair transplantation methods have become better and more cost effective. The cost will depend largely on how extensive the procedures will be. Additionally, there may be regional differences in prices so shop around.

Still another way to combat loss of hair is trying over the counter medications. medications like Minoxidil have been proven to prevent hair loss and encourage regrowth. It carries an actually clinical indication from the FDA to prove its effectiveness. There are only 2 products that carry this distinction. Although the previously mentioned natural products are good there is simply more research supporting the use of products like Rogaine or Provillus. These products contain minoxidil. However, before you run out and buy provillus, procerin or any other product there is more information you need to know. You can read the free report below increase your understanding.

About the Author: Mark Hall researches the best ways to end hair loss. You can view his special report that details where to buy procerin and other top hair loss treatments.


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