How To Get More For Your Money On Traffic Exchanges

Making use of traffic exchanges is an excellent way to generate traffic and publicise your business on a shoestring marketing budget. In this article I will look at how you can get even better value for your money with TE credits.

There are several ways to earn traffic exchange credits. The most common way is to surf the traffic exchange and earn credits by viewing other people’s pages. While you can do this on a free account, it is always worth thinking about upgrading to a professional account status as this brings you several advantages. First of all your credit earning ratio will be much better so you will earn more credits every time you surf the TE. Secondly you will be given a large number of credits every month that you maintain your pro status.

Traffic exchanges often make special offers and give away extra credits to anybody who upgrades within a special campaign period. New TEs often make a very nice offers so as to build their list of subscribers more quickly. Established TE’s sometimes give away free credits to celebrate anniversaries. Other exchange owners like to run special half price or low price/bonus credit offers. Look out for those special offers and make a point of taking advantage of them. There is no reason why you ever need to pay the standard price for credits.

You can also earn bonus credits after completing a certain number of page views during a single surfing session. Get to know which TE’s offer this kind of bonus, and aim to complete the required number of page views each time you surf that particular traffic exchange to take advantage of the bonus.

One of the best ways to earn bonus credit is to build a downline. Every time you recruit a new member you will probably earn a certain number of credits, or perhaps you will be able to buy credits at a nice discount. If the member upgrades you will be rewarded with a commission either in cash or credit. Once your downline has grown to a certain size you will no longer need to spend time surfing the TE in order to generate credits.

Because TEs are free to join, even in experienced marketers can build a downline without too much effort. One of the best ways to do that is to join several traffic exchanges and cross promote each of them on your other exchanges. You can expect a reasonable signup rate because you will be advertising your TEs to a highly targeted audience – people who use TE’s!

However, you do not want to use your standard credits for this publicity campaign. Many TE users are not aware that they receive three types of credits on most exchanges, standard credits, banner ad credits, and text ad credits. Reserve your standard credits for your main offer and use the other type of credits that you receive, such as banner credits and text ad credits to cross promote your TEs.

You can also promote your exchanges on your website and your blog. Make a list of all the TE’s you have joined, and include your affiliate links so that it is easy for people to check your list and sign up straight from your webpage.

By following all the tips in this article you will be able to earn thousands of extra credits every month for your Internet marketing campaign without having to spend hours and hours surfing the traffic exchanges.