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Grilling meat and vegetables is a common thing, but grilling fruits is hardly as common, even though they are great to eat. Grilled fruit makes for a great dessert, and holds itself with great gusto as delicious side dishes or even appetizers. Moreover, no matter how exotic it sounds, it is pretty easy to prepare. But like all other effortless things grilling fruits too require you to fulfill few pre requisites.

Grilled fruits are best when they are made with firm fruits like pears, pineapples, apples, etc. These fruits retain almost original shape and quality even after cooking. Unlike tender fruits like plums, peaches and mangos they do not become squashy and soggy even on overcooking. You simply need to cut them into half, de-seed them and leave the peel on. This results in maintaining the shape of the fruit, however big fruits and citruses need to be sliced up for better heat treatment.

Now coming down to the actual grilling part, firstly, make sure you have an impeccably clean grill. Also put on some oil or melted butter on the grill to keep the fruits from sticking on to it. Make sure the oil does not have an overpowering smell so that you can add your own flavor by soaking it in a combination of your favorite spices, even liquor, or both. Sprinkle some cinnamon, add some nutmeg and douse it with rum, it will surely make for a sumptuous meal as well as a bright appearance.


You could marinade the fruits in some water and add the spices to the water instead of the fruit; the taste would definitely be worth a try. Regarding the recipe for standing your grilled fruit, the sky is the limit. However, whatever you do, always remember that grilling fruits requires medium heat.

Grilling fruits is especially easy because of the composition of the fruit, which mainly consists of water and sugar. Therefore, while you grill it, you reduce the water content, and the sugar converts to caramel thereby condensing the flavors. A little bit of cooking oil and water, and Voila! No sweat lost, for the perfect grill of your favorite fruit.

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