Cosmetic Surgery Recovery And Aftercare Tips

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Submitted by: Rena Graham

The recovery process is just as important in creating successful results in cosmetic surgery. That is why you need to take extra care as your body recuperates and adjusts itself to any enhancement done to it. Here I give you important advice on how you can recover faster without any complications.

One must know that your plan for recovery should start even before surgery. It is important that you prepare everything that you need such as medications, food, and even arranging for someone to assist you around the house during your fragile stage of recovery. It is also around this time that you file a leave from work with the appropriate amount of days to ensure that you gain optimum rest. When you have all these things ironed out, you transition from the surgical process to the post-surgical period with much better ease.

Another thing that you can do pre-surgically that will significantly affect the recovery period is to prepare yourself to be a healthy patient. This means that you nourish yourself with a healthy diet and keep your body adequately hydrated. It is also important to keep bad vices such as cigarettes and alcohol at bay to prevent delayed healing and other complications.


One of the very reasons why cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided is because they have blood thinning effects. The same is also true for some medications. Therefore you need to properly coordinate with your surgeon and primary care physician because some of these drugs may be prescribed to you as maintenance to treat underlying conditions.

Speaking of underlying conditions, you should also be open and honest to your surgeon about any that you may have during consultation. This will help the surgeon to make appropriate surgical approach and aftercare instructions.

It is also very important that you listen to the aftercare instructions very carefully. Take note of how to properly clean the wound, drains and dressings. Also remember all the dos and don ts that the surgeon will tell you. They are all essential for a timely healing.

Once you are actually in the recovery process, your first best friend aside from pain medications would be an ice pack. A cold compress applied over the site would help relieve swelling and reduces the chances of bruising after cosmetic surgery.

Proper positioning is also important during the recovery period. First of all, a good position will provide you with better ease as you rest, and second, it prevents any swelling to occur. This is most beneficial if your surgery is done on the upper portion of the body, particularly on the face or abdomen. A good position will help to effectively drain the fluid build-up in the body.

Massage is also an effective means to a successful recovery. This would only have to be done after the wounds have closed and the scabs sloughed off. Use medicated or healing creams that promote scar lightening and scar formation. But you have to inquire your doctor about this because they might have some precautions to instruct you with.

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