Benefits Of Letting Us Guide You Through Your Filing


Filing for bankruptcy is never an ideal scenario. However, if you are drowning in debt, it may be the right answer. Chances are you are inexperienced in filing for bankruptcy, which makes the situation even more complex due to the fear of making a mistake or doubting whether you are covering all of the bases. For this reason, among others, it is always recommended that individuals hire a bankruptcy attorney. Lawyers have the experience needed to get their client’s debt successfully liquidated. Debtors are encouraged to shop around the multiple amount of bankruptcy attorneys and find a lawyer they feel would represent them appropriately.

Do you think that bankruptcy would benefit you or your business? Let us guide you through the filing process. With many steps and areas that need to be covered in bankruptcy cases, individuals can easily miss something, often having an extremely negative effect on their case. Lawyers who practice in this field are aware all of all the details that apply to these cases and will use this information to their advantage. To be discharged, each client will need to go through a series of steps, all of which the attorney will be able to assist with. These steps include:

  • Analyze the client’s debt and figure out which would go into the bankruptcy claim
  • Determine whether or not the client has property exemptions
  • Determine the petitioner is eligible to file for bankruptcy
  • Collect necessary documentation verifying the debt
  • Fill out bankruptcy forms, which would need to include all debt
  • File the forms at the appropriate courthouse
  • Attend a meeting with a trustee
  • If any objections are made, file accordingly
  • Attend a financial planning course, most of which can be completed online
  • Be discharged

If you let us guide you through the filing process, you will find the process is much simpler and hassle-free than you had originally anticipated. And to make the deal that much sweeter, there is FREE case consultation available. Take the first step towards financial freedom by talking to a lawyer today.

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