When Bad Things Happen To Good Homeowners

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By Aaron Hoos

Who likes to talk about worst-case scenarios? No one!

Insurance and warranties can be unpleasant to talk about because they are difficult to understand and no one likes to talk about the worst-case scenario. But the reality is that life gets in the way of our best laid plans and the worst-case scenario becomes a reality more often than we wish!

Insurance helps to address problems that arise and so does a home warranty. In both cases they are meant to return you to the situation you were in before the incident that caused the damage or malfunction. Sure, there are more interesting and more enjoyable things to talk about. But preparing intelligently for the challenges and obstacles that life throws at us will allow us to go through our day with peace of mind, and it will allow us to simply sleep better at night.


So how do we prepare for worst-case scenarios in our home? With house insurance and a home warranty.

Insurance and Home Warranties: Used together, they are an effective way to manage your homes worst case scenarios. Heres how they functions as the perfect partners:

If your freezer broke down and ruins all of the food inside, your insurance can replace the damaged food while the home warranty will repair or replace the freezer itself.

If your washing machine breaks down and floods your home, your insurance would pay for the damages caused by the flooding while your home warranty would ensure that your washing machine was repaired or replaced so that it functions again.

If your home was broken into, and they stole your air conditioner, your insurance would replace it. However, if your air conditioner just stopped working one day, your home warranty would replace or repair it and cool you off again!

Buying insurance and a home warranty is a smart way to cover all your bases and ensure that your home is totally protected from the worst that could happen: no matter what!

Spending a few minutes now to think about worst case scenarios will save you a world of headache in the future when those scenarios become reality. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

About the Author: Aaron Hoos is a writer working with Met Warranty. Met Warranty provides you with peace-of-mind through their comprehensive home warranty policies available online at





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