Weight Loss Surgery Last Resort Or Not?

Submitted by: John A. Ross

Given the large number of overweight people nowadays, weight loss is a big topic. With the advance in medicine and surgical techniques, many people start to think about having a weight loss surgery done to escape the dreaded weeks and months of following an exercise and diet regimen. Unfortunately even though the idea seems amazing, the real problems with weight loss surgery are only known by a few people. Hopefully we can shed some light with this article and show you why following a diet and exercise program are still the best way to go to lose weight.

The problem with weight loss surgery is that there is a rather large correlation between people getting a weight loss procedure done and committing suicide. I will show you what I mean in the paragraph below.

The procedure called bariatric surgery is done to minimize the size of the patient’s stomach. This helps to speed up fat loss. The chance of dying from the procedure is about 1%, while the chance of having complications is about 40%. Many of the patients who undergo this procedure also have some other health issues, such as diabetes. They are therefore already at a higher risk of a natural cause of death than the average population.


In reviews from the New England Journal of Medicine or studies performed at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers found that people who undergo this type of surgery are at a higher risk of committing suicide that people who did not undergo this surgery. Now this might seem as a big deal, but given that these findings were confirmed on three different occasions, is alarming.

Experts have not found the reason behind this phenomenon, but it seems that there is an unrealistic expectation in connection with the surgery that people fall for. When the surgery is done they fall into a hole, not able to recover psychologically.

This ties back into what we mentioned above, as the problem indeed seems to be that the people undergoing surgery imagine themselves looking absolutely amazing, while the surgery can only make you get thinner faster. It will not turn you from this to that overnight. Another problem in connection with this seems to be the lack of a feeling of self-fulfillment or accomplishment, as there is a real difference between going in for a surgery and waking up lighter or with a smaller stomach, and working your way to your dream weight.

All in all as you can see, weight loss surgery is really the last resort for you to turn if you have tried everything else available, and even then you will have to think long and hard about the decision to have the procedure done. That kind of surgery poses some real risks so it is highly advisable to be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. But for the majority of the population no such need exists so seeking a natural weight loss plan and avoiding invasive techniques is the prudent thing to do when it comes to weight loss.

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