Thinking Of Renovating Your House? These Are Some Popular Natural Stone

Home renovations are a big financial decision hence it is best to make your decision on the type of renovations and material to use only after a great deal of research.

The Internet is a good source of information, where it is possible to find details on the type of tiles or kitchen slabs that are best for you.

Popular Natural Stones For Interior & Exterior

Some of the popular ones available include ceramic tiles, cement & concrete tiles, terracotta tiles, mosaics, vitrified quarries, and many types of natural stone tiles. There are many benefits of using natural stone tiles for both interiors as well as exterior.

This decision is often influenced by where you plan to install them. However, natural stone has always been one of the more popular ones when it comes to construction. It has several good characteristics that make it ideal for the decoration of your house.

In fact, this has been one of the most popular construction materials since ancient times and is something that never goes out of style. It is also suitable as the exterior stone for homes. This article provides more information on the types of natural stones available for use during renovations.

Types of natural stones

  • Granite: This is one of the most popular natural stones that is prefered by both architects as well as homeowners. This is mainly because they are durable and beautiful.It is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor construction. In fact, several popular monuments, cathedrals and public buildings that have been around for a very long time have been made from granite.
  • Marble: This too is a very popular natural stone and useful for both indoor and outdoor use. It is elegant, durable, and has good thermal resistance. These properties and more make it ideal for many applications. It is thus popular with both architects as well as homeowners. The Marble offcuts design in the tiles makes each one unique as well.
  • Sandstone: This is one of the popular materials for construction work carried out near the coastal region. It has multiple uses and properties making it ideal for renovations.
  • Limestone: This is a sedimentary rock that also tends to contain fossils. It is mainly composed of minerals calcite and aragonite and usually white to grey in colour. This too is a very popular natural stone when it comes to construction, it is also popular with architects.In fact, several train stations, banks, and other structures have been built using limestone. The construction done in the middle ages like the medieval churches and castles as well as the Great Pyramid of Giza was made from limestone.
  • Slate: This is a type of natural stone that is also formed from sedimentary rocks and is often used for decorative purposes on walls and floors. It is highly durable and equally useful for indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of opting for natural stone for home decor

There are many benefits of using natural stones for the purpose of renovations. They are easy to maintain, highly durable and usually do not need replacing. It has the ability to withstand heavy footfall and is long-lasting as well.

Thus, it is ideal for those planning to sell their house, charge more rent or make their house more elegant. It has a level of natural beauty that is unmatched as is the fact that it is more hygienic and unique.

It is a good idea to contact a stone supplier in Melbourne since this type of tiles will also have thermal properties making them ideal for keeping warm during winter and cool during summer.