Synthetic High Strength Tensile Dyneema Rope 30 M

Dyneema SK75 Synthetic, High Strength Winch Rope 30MCompatible with most brands of winches, this high tensile Dyneema SK75 synthetic winch rope is the one to go for! It’s designed for heavy duty usage with 24,000lbs breaking point, it is great for high performance line in sports such as sailing and parasailing.Comes with other great qualitiessuch as wear resistant metal parts, clevis hook with safety latch, and UV and chemical resistant, we want to ensure that you can enjoy using this product for a very long time.


  • 30m length & 10mm diameter Dyneema Rope
  • Heavy Duty 24,000lbs breaking load
  • Hook Capacity: 12,800kg
  • Wear resistant steel joint
  • 1.4m protective sleeve on each end


  • Rope Length: 30m
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Protective sleeve: 1.4m on each end
  • Breaking load: 10,950kg (24,000lbs)
  • Loop eye: 65mm
  • Eyelet: 6mm
  • Suitable for 800-14500lbs winches
  • Compatible with most brands of winches

Package Content1 x 30m Dyneema SK75Winch Rope