Sugar Crm Freepbx/Elastix/Trixbox Integration By Danmar

By Dan Bogdan

The ever going world of competition, to satisfy one’s customers is the basic need for every business and to satisfy the customer needs, CRM is the best tool to be used.

CRM is customer relationship management and Sugar CRM is an open source, software firm which is providing solutions to client issues through CRM. Sugar CRM is a firm which is known for giving different CRM solutions via software to different client issues.

The CRM system of this company is being used across the world and the company is thanking the support of worldwide developers for this. Sugar CRM is giving many packages to start with for its customers and they have launched the new jumpstart packages as well for the new customers on board.

Sugar CRM’s jumpstart packages gives the new customers a spring board to start their productivity by giving professional guidance and assistance to the initial set up, knowledge transfer and configuration of the system. The company is assisting numerous customers and is getting constant feedbacks from them about their products. Jumpstart packages will make sure that the customers will have a better CRM system prepared as the packages contain studies which are divided into three sections: discovery session, set up session, configuration session and finally the review session.


These sessions or teachings are provided remotely through web, that is, they are taught online. The duration can be mutually agreed on and the requirements can be modifies according to the customer and the Sugar CRM.

They also provide Data migration session in which a cost effective way is used to provide the CRM training to the users. In case a user needs a CRM for a particular design or technical issue, than the company also guides by the hour, that is, they provide the users a time slot in which the user can ask only his or her task related queries.

Sugar CRM has world known clients and has a great number of case studies with it. Sugar CRM is included in industries like health sector, financial services, agriculture, public sector, professional services, manufacturing, technology, retail distribution, etc. In the field of communication, Sugar CRM boasts of the client called Affinity 4, which is a multiservice user for CRM technology and it uses CRM products in its multiple services and products across the world.

SugarCRM integration for Asterisk/Elastix/FreePBX/Trixbox is one such software that will solve all your phone integrations needs. The software is designed to trace the and record them completely.

The Sugar CRM integration for Asterisk/Elastix/FreePBX/Trixbox consists of two modules for each party. One module is for Elastix/FreePBX and the second one for SugarCRM. Both these modules are “upgrade safe” so SugarCRM updates or studio changes will have no affect on SugarCRM integration. Also the Asterisk/Elastix/FreePBX/Trixbox module can be installed by standard module installer and will only affect the dial plan.

When inbound call arrives, the VOIP system connects to SugarCRM and searches for the phone number. Also at this point SugarCRM creates a “Call” record for this call. If the phone number is assigned to a Contact/Lead/Account the associated name will be returned to VOIP and will alter the CALLERID(name) so the name of caller will be displayed on users soft phone. Also the “Call” record will be related to corresponding Contact/Lead/Account in SugarCRM so you will also have a clear history of previous actions for that contact.

Being a complex system best approach is to get a development team and a consultant in order to get the voip integration with Freepbx/Elastix/Trixbox to fulfill the whole business requirements.

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