Pc &Amp; Mac Service Tips For Home Use

Submitted by: Greg Pantirmas

The Information Technology Field has always been a hot topic and sometimes a controversial one but a fundamental part of consumers life.

PCMACNERDS a pc and mac consulting, and computer servicing company says the driving interest is the ever growing need for all the new and more efficient hardware, as well as cross platforms systems is rapidly increasing.

However the understanding on computer maintenance tips is often overlooked, which leads to complete system failure and a very large repair bill.


The fact is that even basic computer maintenance will in fact prolong the life of your computer. We all heard the terms fragmentation, disk defrag, virus, backups, disk clean up, at least the daily users of computers have but again not looked at as a necessity.

One of the biggest issues we encounter on a daily basis with computer service requests are that the computer will no longer boot up / start as expected from the end user and usually happens because lack of basic computer maintenance. I will also have to say that this is evident across different computer platforms, windows and mac.

One of the most important if not the most important is the hard drive of any computer, regardless if it s a pc or a mac. This not only runs at very high speeds often over 5400 rpm while the computer is on, but is responsible of running your computer and storing often times very critical information and because of these high stress levels is why all systems must have some basic maintenance from performing a disk defragmentation to running disk utility on the mac side.

Our tech support department at pcmacnerds runs free support presentations often and there s never any obligation of any kind. This is one of the ways that pcmacnerds gives back to the community and the way it tries to simplify technology by educating our customers.

We simply need to make computer maintenance part of our routines, regardless if it s done weekly or monthly it s just needs to be done in order to keep the computers in optimal operating condition.

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