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Sahil Chhabra

The term education means a lot in itself. On one hand it is the dream of every child to get educated with whatever facilities are available and on the other hand every parent also has the dream that whether they afford or not but they want and have the willingness to provide education to their children. Children are hope of every family, society and country.

With them we see many such dreams that we have been unable to fulfill. We have many schools, and in all schools there are children coming from different backgrounds. Some are coming from highly educated backgrounds and have a strong support whereas there are some children who come to school with a hope to provide new turn, a new beginning to their uneducated families and fulfill their incomplete dreams. Hope of having educated children is seen and also blossoms in every parent s heart. Also there are many areas and many people where education is not available very easily or at a reasonable charge.


With all such conditions prevailing the very thought of providing education in a friendly and an easier manner has come into existence and that is known as online education. These days the trend of online education, which means that learning anytime/anywhere from education portals is very much into existence and is being taken as a positive practice. In all the areas is it a rural place or an area where good quality education cannot reach, the practice of online education can be seeded and the fruits that it will cultivate would be really sweet.

Internet is one such thing which is easily available in all parts across all the countries. With education portals, education can be provided to student in a different and effective way. The children today are very much into the habit of using computers. Somehow they waste their time that can be utilized in studying. So by introduction of the online education portals the practice of learning anytime/anywhere can be used to its best. The students get much more than they expect. The online education portals not only provide education to the students but also keep them busy in something that is of use to them.

We can get much more than expected from the online education portals and websites. They provide many new options like sample papers, practice papers and also have videos performed by renowned faculties. The acceptance level by the students is surprisingly good as they also get education in a new mode. The positive attitude towards the online education can be judged by the acceptance of such good services from the use of online education websites as a regular practice.

The very idea of providing online education which helps in learning anytime/anywhere is unique in its own way. The students do not get fed up of the regular practice and their time gets utilized in nothing else but educating themselves. If the children are using online education websites than the need of being a volunteer parent also reduces as the student can get answered to his inquisitive minds by very own. The practice of using online education websites/portals which provides leaning anytime/anywhere should be promoted and applauded

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