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Although the medical scrubs came into practice in the 1970’s, the most significant improvements in the quality, style and fashion of medical scrubs took place during the last decade or so. Prior to the last decade, all scrubs and uniforms were mainly unisex. There were no styles, cuts, colors or prints. Both men and women wore the traditional white or green scrubs. These scrubs were often made of cheap and uncomfortable fabric material. Unlike scrubs today, they were not long lasting and could not stand multiple washings

Before the evolution of medical scrubs, surgeons usually performed surgeries in their regular clothes with an apron or a cloth over their clothes to avoid them from getting dirty. Later in the 1918’s, doctors began wearing masks which were more for their protection rather than their patients. However, as awareness of diseases and infections increased, special clothing to perform surgeries and deal with patients came into existence. The first medical scrubs were gowns and long coats worn by surgeons and medical personnel while operating.

When the use of medical scrubs became a routine practice, they were mostly white so as to demonstrate purity and cleanliness. The disadvantage, however of the white scrubs was that they put a great strain on the eyes of the surgeons while operating due to the reflection with the white light. Eventually, doctors shifted to green colored scrubs. As time progressed, the trend of multi colored and printed scrubs came into existence. Today Scrubs are available in a variety of colors, styles and prints at medical stores and any Scrubs Online Store.

Scrubs tops today are available in different designs such as v-neck, rounded neck, collared and T-shirts. They are available in all lengths depending upon your preference. For instance, if you are petite and slim, short tops are best suited for you. For a bulgy person, long shirts are better since they give you a comparatively slimmer look. Tops also come with open slits and closed slits. Open slits make it easier for you to walk around, since in hospitals you are mostly on your feet all day. Short tops usually come without slits. Tops come in different colors and prints. For instance, medical personnel in the pediatrics department would prefer tops with cartoon characters or animals made on it, since it gives a happy impression to the child you are dealing with. In a surgical ward, one would prefer plain colors or prints such as black, green, purple or blue.

Scrub Pants are available in different designs and colors. Mostly, the pants are either bell shaped or straight. It all depends on your preference and taste which style you would like to go for. Loose trousers are also available for those of you who prefer comfort way more over style. Jeans style scrub pants are also available.

Medical Scrubs include jackets and lab coats in different styles and colors. A variety of shoes and socks is also available. Shoes are either sneaker, coat shoes or sketchers. Medical Personnel who have to walk a lot during the day usually prefer sketchers.

All these types of trendy and stylish scrubs are available in the market easily these days. However, the best source of shopping for scrubs is through online shopping stores. There are a lot of great online shopping stores in The United States. Scrubs Los Angeles are especially renowned for their vast range and collection of medical scrubs from different brands.

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