How To Borrow Money From Your Bank

By Peter Kenny

If you need some extra money, then borrowing from your bank might be the answer. If you use a bank simply for savings and a current account, then perhaps it is time to look at other financial products that your bank can offer. If you want to borrow from your bank, here are some of the possible options and benefits.

Why borrow money?

People borrow money for all sorts of reasons, and in all different ways. If you are finding it hard to make ends meet at the moment then getting a credit card or loan may help you out over the next few months. Also, if you need to make a large purchase but you need to spread the cost, then borrowing from your bank is a good option.

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Perhaps the most common way to borrow from your bank is to get a credit card. A credit card gives you a certain amount of money or credit that you can spend, which you have to pay back with interest. Bills are paid monthly and you can choose to pay the full amount or just the minimum payment each month. Borrowing money on a credit card is expensive, but for short-term purchases they can be great if you pay the balance back in full each month.


Loans are another common way to borrow from your bank. Your bank is likely to have a variety of loans on offer, ranging from small personal loans to much larger loans for business or home improvements. If you need to pay off high interest debts or make a large purchase and pay it back slowly, then loans might be the right option for you.


Many banks also offer mortgages, which are probably the biggest amount of money you will ever borrow. Mortgages are used to buy property, and have low interest rates. If you are looking to buy a home then your bank might be able to help you with your mortgage.

Advantages of using your bank

The main advantage of using your bank to borrow money is that they know what sort of spending patterns you have, and if you have built a rapport with them they are likely to be more generous than other lending institutions. It may also be convenient to use the same bank that you do now, as all your accounts are in one place and you can manage your money more easily.


There are also a number of disadvantages to using your own bank. Although your bank may give you a good deal, it may not be the best deal you can possibly find. Although speaking to your own bank is a good idea, you should shop around and look at other lenders in order to get the best possible terms. You should also make sure that borrowing money is right for you, and that you can make any repayments that are required.

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