Guide To Truck Upfits: Upfit Components

Guide to Truck Upfits: Upfit Components




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dealership offers is a valuable addition to any truck. Upfit components usually include storage cabinets and boxes. Upfit trucks have other essential components such as shelving, racks, and cargo barriers. For instance, an electrician s truck is equipped with a combination of drawers, shelves, and cabinets that are installed according to specifications. An upfit can include additional drawer storage installed in the bed of the truck. When rear doors are open, an electrician can slide the drawer open for easy access.

Ladder racks are added to store materials and tools such as conduit and ladders. Topside truck boxes store and secure materials that are used as primary toolboxes. Drawer storage is often installed in the truck bed.


Improved locking systems for truck boxes and drawer storage units prevent theft. The most popular components upfitted to trucks are bulkheads, which are used to protect the driving area and compartmentalized shelving for storing electrical components. Deep shelving is installed in boxed vans. This kind of upfit component has dividers for storing electrical fittings, wire, and tools. As for pickups,

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dealership services include a combination of saddle, cross and side boxes. They also have pull-out drawer units for storing fittings, wire, and tools. Roof and bed racks are used for both vans and pickups.

Upfit products have been greatly improved for convenience and increased durability and security. They include 90 degree cover openings, level storage, and 12-volt access. The latest upfit products for pickups include low-profile boxes, deep saddle boxes, and aluminum racks. As for vans, they have interior roof-mounted ladder racks and exterior hydraulic-assist drop down ladder racks.

The most in-demand upfits for trucks are work winch racks which make securing ladders easier and fast. A work winch with full-access toolboxes go well together in pickups. Full-access boxes are especially popular with electricians because they can hold plastic storage bins and dividers. They also provide more accessibility and organization.

When looking for upfit products, check the manufacturer s warranty. A good upfit product warranty matches manufacturer s warranties. You should also check the reputation of the installing distributor.

Major truck manufacturers provide upfit packages and dealers work with suppliers in installing upfits. Most truck dealers rely on upfit distributors that help with the installation and most contractors buy upfits through dealers. You can purchase these products from

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dealership to make sure your truck is equipped with all the essential components.

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