Experts At An Animal Hospital In Richmond Discuss Puppy And Adult Dog Care


When you bring a puppy home or make an adoption for the first time you need to consider starting veterinary care. Just to give you some pointers, puppies, aged 8 to 12 weeks old, need to eat four meals per day. Puppies that are three to six months old should receive three meals each day while puppies that are six months to one year of age should be fed twice each day.

Where to Seek Guidance

Seek guidance from an animal hospital in Richmond, such as Greatwood Veterinary Hospital, for providing the best care for your dog. By the time a dog reaches his first birthday, one meal each day will usually suffice. For some dogs, such as bigger canines, it is better to feed them two small meals instead.

Choose a Premium Dog or Puppy Food

According to veterinarians who work at these animal hospital facilities, premium dog food supplies a well-balanced and nutritious meal for an adult dog, which can be combined with broth, canned food, or water. You % of a dog’s daily food intake.

Provide Your Dog with Fresh Water Each Day

Veterinarians at these animal hospital facilities also stress that puppies should be given a high-quality puppy food or a large-breed puppy food for larger breeds. You need to limit the ‘people food’, like food from your dinner table, as too much of this can result in mineral and vitamin deficiencies or imbalances. By not giving your dog a sufficient amount of dog food, you can also cause a dog to become obese. Veterinarian specialists add that fresh water should be available regularly. Also make sure that food and water dishes are washed frequently.

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