Dentures Are Likely To Affect The Oral Health Of The Elderly

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Dentures are Likely to Affect the Oral Health of the Elderly


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Elderly health is the care measures that older people need to do in everyday life. The body of the elderly is increasingly poor every day, in order to avoid that their bones are not loose so fast; elderly should often pay attention to exercise and have constant care, so they need to understand a variety of health knowledge. The elderly also need to pay special attention to oral, such as those older people who wear dentures; oral health should be often pair attention to. Below together with me to understand some of the hazards of wearing dentures!

From clinical surveys, we found that a large proportion of patients do not take off the dentures when they go to sleep, and the majority of patients have errors in the frequency and method of cleaning dentures. And do not pick and clean the dentures for long time, it will affect the whole body health.


However, dentures are easy to from bacteria so that affect oral health. If you put dentures into your mouth, it will gradually become dirty and from plaque as well as bacteria, which may cause severe oral and other systemic diseases. In certain circumstances, the potential pathogens may be planting on dentures, such as candidiasis; studies have shown that candida may cause denture stomatitis in 25% or even 60% of people who wear denture.

While, some other pathogenic bacteria adhering to the dentures may downwardly through the oropharynx enter into the respiratory system, and cause bacterial pneumonia. Therefore, remind the denture wearers pick dentures before going to bed every day, and you must do: soak, brush, and brush three steps. In addition, improper denture care, denture cleaning is not thorough, not a solid fit, and with improper methods to clean the oral denture, which will affect the health of the elderly.

Because older people cannot eat foods if they do not wear dentures, especially eating those foods need to chew for a long time, and the older people only through the dentures to chew, so in the daily life, older people should do the good oral health care. Dan they should pay attention to the oral hygiene, sp as to have a healthy oral environment. In this way, they can maintain their oral health, and maintain the cleanness of their dentures, so that they can eat well and enjoy all the delicious foods. From now on, if you wear dentures, you need to take good care of it, in order to be responsible for your oral health.

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