Crystal Pendulums For Self Help}

Submitted by: Kay Nelsen

Crystal Pendulums For Self Help

A crystal pendulum is a bright crystal attached to either a chain or a cord and used for divination. The chain or cord is usually at least six inches in length, and a shoelace will work well if you don’t have a chain or cord. Pendulums have been used for centuries, and I have a few pendulums that I use for different purposes, as each of them has a different vibration. They are also used for aura cleansing and during religious ceremonies.

You don’t need a special pendulum or even a fancy one if you plan to use it for divination, anything that can be attached via a cord or chain will do. I’ve also attached them with shoestrings or wire that I purchased at the hardware store. Also, any kind of twine, string, or even a strip of left over cloth can be used. The cloth in itself can be brightly colored or coorespond with any chakra which you are attempting to activate. Your choices are numerous!

Usually the crystal at the end of the pendulum is pointed, although I’ve made potent pendulums from all sorts of stones, including strawberry quartz and an apophylite pyramid. They will work no matter what stone you chose. Just allow yourself to be open to the vibration of the crystal, and you will find the right pendulum for you.


Many people feel that a pendulum is an extension of ourselves, the extra arm or spiritual part which connects to the divine. It is essentially an extension of our own being and of our spiritually.

Pendulums are also used as protection against evil spirits or unforeseen circumstances.

Pendulums are mostly used to answer questions regarding everyday life and they are very effective. They are very useful in this regard.

They are also used over the body, especially the chakra areas, in order to determine blockages or any kind of hindrance in the emotional, spiritual, mental or physical part of the system.

My grandfather was a water witch, so his pendulum per se was an old willow branch. He divined for water on his farm in Kansas, as he needed a well for his farm and his family. The well he found was full of water for nearly eighty before it finally dried up two years ago. This technique is called pendulum dowsing, and can also be used for finding oil and other minerals.

Crystal pendulum usage is primarily an activity that you’ll do by yourself. It’s best done when in a meditative mood and when one is calm and relaxed., and also when you’re not apt to be disturbed.

A pendulum swings back and forth from the reader’s fingertips. Quite often, it will also swing in a circle, either clockwise or counterclockwise. The weight at the end of the pendulum is called a bob, and a bob can be any kind of crystal, metal, or found object.

If you wish further information, please feel free to contact me. I’m always eager to answer any questions about crystals, jewelry, psychic endeavors, or anything else. Warm wishes…Kay

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