Choosing Hedge Fund Management Software

By Adriana Noton

Hedge fund management software is a key part of running a hedge fund. Regardless of the size or age of your funds special programs are a key ingredient in making it run efficiently. While knowing you need an electronic aid is one thing another is picking the right one.

Modern funds are getting more and more complex. While the management of these funds can be either farmed out or kept in house there are many records that require tracking. Brokerage accounts need to be properly handled as well as customer care. The smart managers rely on programs to make their jobs easier.

Accounting is a critical part of any fund’s maintenance. The right program will be able to handle as many accounts as there are on hand. When looking for one that handles the accounting end, look for one that handles all of your accounts as a bare minimum with the ability to manage even more new accounts. Look for one that handles both investment partnerships as well as shareholder concerns.


A good program should also manage as well as display information quickly and easily. A well written piece of code will allow the display of any account with only the need for a few keystrokes being pressed. Make sure that it can also handle check writing needs. There is a good chance that money is being deposited on a daily basis. Chances are also good that the money being deposited is in many different kinds of currencies. The right programs can easily manage no matter the currency used.

Performance is a crucial part of any fund. Being able to track performance is the backbone of quality code. While the funds performance is important it is equally important that the performance is calculated correctly. Few things irritate a client more then finding out that a fund’s performance numbers need to be restated.

Good programs will also be able to track any funds performance at any time. These figures should be so precise that it is measured accurately. It should also be able to quickly forecast cash as well as capital down to lot size.

All funds regardless of their size have to deal with complex calculations. The right programs easily and quickly calculate performance fees as well as estimated returns. Some managers are still using rudimentary spreadsheets to keep track of these figures. Using a spread sheet is both time consuming and labor intensive. The right programs can slash the time it takes to calculate these figures by 50%. This valuable time can be better spent on more important parts of management.

Hedge fund management software is a perfect way to consolidate many back room functions. The right program keeps track of as many accounts as necessary and is able to be easily scaled to accommodate more accounts in the future. The right software will not only manage but display important information quickly. This information can be accurate up to the minute management fees as well as its performance. A well written piece of software handles multiple currencies with ease. A good program can cut down on the hours spent calculating figures significantly.

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