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3 Common Hipaa Violations That Can Happen In Your Workplace

Click Here To Find Out More About: Student Telemedicine By Greg Garner The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was intricately designed to provide not only a more efficient health care system but also as a protection for private patient information and data. With the widespread use of technology and computers in hospitals, the availability of patient information, their health portfolio, and their previous care has greatly improved the efficiency of health care. However,Continue reading

Calcium And Magnesium Needs For Pregnancy And Postpartum}

Click Here To Find Out More About: Student Virtual Health Submitted by: Dr. Dean Raffelock As a nursing mom you need about 1200 milligrams of absorbable calcium per day. Calcium is a mineral that the body uses for many things: during pregnancy it helps form baby’s bones and teeth along with helping make breast milk, regulate blood pressure, heartbeat, water balance in the cells and muscle contractions. There are many foods in addition to vitaminContinue reading

Why And How Should You Take Caffeine Pill}

Click Here To Find Out More About: Virtual Healthcare Why and how should you take caffeine pill by Sia Benet Caffeine pills have become very popular in recent times because of their convenience. If you are addicted to caffeine from sources like coffee, it has consequences like that fact that it produces greater fatigue once the coffee high subsides. But new products in the market like caffeine pills make things much easier as these giveContinue reading

Study Guide Nursing Home Administrator Exam

Click Here To Find Out More About: Student Telemedicine Study Guide – Nursing Home Administrator Exam by Daryl B. Chapman Certainly, nursing home administrator is a tough post. It has a combination of medical function alongside the conventional managerial approach. Since it is one of the most coveted jobs out there, it is just rightful that the public shall be protected by a licensure exam for Nursing Home Administrator. [youtube][/youtube] Preparing for the examination willContinue reading

Hybrid Mri Systems Market By Field Strength, Market Growth

Click Here To Find Out More About: Virtual Mental Healthcare For International Students Hybrid MRI Systems Market by Field Strength, market growth by ShivakrishnaMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medicinal imaging method utilized as a part of radiology to take pictures of the life Anatomy and the physiological procedures of the body in both well-being and ailment. Hybrid MRI means MRI Systems combined with other powerful imaging techniques. MRI Systems combined with Radiography is usedContinue reading