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What Is Your Face Expressing In Public Speaking Delight Or Dismay?}

Click Here To Find Out More About: Public Speaking Classes What Is Your Face Expressing in Public Speaking — Delight or Dismay? by The Voice Lady Think about the last time you addressed an audience. It may have been a requirement for your job, for your presentation skills class, for Toastmasters, or for your leads group. Maybe you toasted the bride or groom or were introducing a guest speaker at your Rotary or Lions Club.Continue reading

Tips To Avoid Disappointment During Your Career Transition

Click Here To Find Out More About: Improve Presentation Skills Tips To Avoid Disappointment during Your Career Transition by Ryan F Hayes Moving from one job or career to another is typically a chosen path, but it could also be a choice made due to some circumstances. Regardless of your reason for shifting to a different career path, the way you will navigate this whole process of career transition will determine whether you will beContinue reading