Can Skinny People Become Hunks?

By Chris Chew

So you have been skinny all your life and will do anything to get a fit and healthy body like those beach hunks. Is that possible? Of course it is or else you wouldn’t be reading this article, right?

The concept of gaining weight is actually very simple but for skinny people like you to make it happen can be very daunting because of your natural genetic predisposition not to retain enough fat or muscle. However, as a fitness consultant, I give you my word that thin people can and do gain weight if you put in enough effort and applied knowledge. The bottom line is that you can become a future hunk if you know how to.

The key to increasing your weight is to eat and drink more calories than your body requires for energy such as in your daily activities. Yes, that is just common sense but it is still worth repeating it as you will see why soon.

You see, there are a certain number of calories that you need to consume everyday day so that you are able to maintain your current weight. If you consume fewer calories than this maintenance level, you will lose weight.


However, your position is completely in the opposite direction. So for you to put on weight, you should be consuming more calories than you need daily. That is why if you are not putting on any weight, you are just not consuming enough calories over your maintenance level.

If you are eating extra 500 more calories than your body requires everyday, you ought to be putting on about a pound per week. This is because one pound of body fat is around 3500 calories.

If you have been eating until you are full every time when you have a meal and yet are not getting the calories required for you to increase your weight, then may I suggest that you get the extra calories not from your meals alone but also from sources such as sugary drinks, snacking between meals and also from weight gaining supplements.

There is one snag here though. You see, if you put on weight just by consuming extra calories, you will be putting on body fat. Therefore this is not very healthy and besides, putting on fat will not make you a hunk!

So, to complement your weight gain effort to look like a hunk, you should start a weight training program. Choose a program that is designed to build muscles all over your entire body. Hire a professional personal trainer to help you if you have the budget because there is a lot of science behind bodybuilding and if you don’t know them, you will never get the desired result.

Do you know something? For skinny people to get a defined muscular body is easier than for overweight people. This is because overweight people must lose much of their body fat in order for their muscles to show because all those solid muscles are hidden under their body fat.

As for you, because of your low fat, you can see improvements very quickly and do not need the heart wrenching task of losing fat to see your muscle tone and definitions.

Besides, muscle is heavier that fat. So when you gain muscle mass on your body frame, you will also be getting heavier at the same time. Now you know the secret to become a muscular attractive hunk for thin people is to consume more calories over your daily maintenance level and to do weight training to become more muscular.

About the Author: Chris Chew is a sought after health and fitness consultant. If you want to gain weight and be a hunk, then read Gain weight supplements and Building muscles


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