Breaking Bad Dog Behaviors With Positive Reinforcement}

Submitted by: Kelly Marshall

Do you have problems with your puppy or dog displaying bad behaviors? Don’t feel alone, if this is the case, but breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement offers the best results. There are people that believe a dog’s behavior is only as good as the pet owner’s training and this is true, to a certain extent. Communication with your dog or puppy is crucial to proper training and you need to understand your dog’s communication, as well. The best time to train a dog is when it is a puppy, but with consistent, positive reinforcement, you can train your dog to have good behaviors, instead of bad.

There are a few things that your dog might be trying to tell you with bad behaviors. Whether it is house-breaking problems, nuisance barking, whining or yelping, nipping, biting or chewing up shoes, a dog will behave certain ways when it is fearful, lonely, feeling insecure or feeling threatened. It is important to realize the root causes of your dog’s behaviors and try to correct them, to put your dog at ease. Sometimes, all they want is attention, but it is important that you understand what your puppy or dog is trying to tell you. Breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement includes removing the puppy or dog from any perceived threats or trying to make the dog feel more secure.


There are some pet owners that have learned that breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement includes crate training. There are many ways that a dog crate can make the pet feel more secure and letting the puppy or dog out of the crate to go outside can help with house-breaking. If you have a dog or puppy that nips at children, putting it in the crate with a favorite toy removes the pet from the threat in a positive way and keeps children from getting bitten. If you have small children in the house, it is important that they know to stay back from the pet if it is growling, but you should always watch your pet around small children, anyway. Softly saying “no” can make the dog aware there is no reason to be afraid.

If you have a pet that is feeling abandoned while you are away at work, the pet can become destructive as a way to act out frustrations. A dog crate can make it feel more secure and crate training is a helpful tool for breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement. There are many ways that consistency, patience and understanding your pet’s communication can help you, when you are breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement. If you have a puppy, there are some behaviors that the pet will outgrow and it will become more secure as it gets older and more settled into the routine of your household.

There are some behaviors that are crucial to get corrected immediately, however. Breaking bad dog behaviors with positive reinforcement is something that dog obedience experts and animal behaviorists are familiar with. If you have a dog that is biting and nipping, it is important that you get expert help before somebody gets hurt or the dog gets impounded. If you start positive dog training at an early age, it can deter bad behaviors from becoming ingrained habits, however.

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