Break Free From Acne Breakouts: Zinc’s Role In Acne Treatment

Acne vulgaris, also known as common acne, is a problem that affects the lives of many teenagers (as well as adults).Pimples and breakouts can persist into adulthood , as if teenage acne is not embarrassment enough. People are always on the search for a treatment of acne that will ensure control and decrease breakouts. For many people, controlling acne() is a constant process because most of the time, treatment is only a momentary reprieve from the symptoms. This is the reason that the most effective treatments of acne are ones that wipe out pimples as well as maintain optimal health for the body, so that the rate of future breakouts is low. Taking acne medication for one’s lifetime is rather excessive for most people, It is for this reason that a lot of people are looking for alternatives to antibiotics in the form of zinc supplements. However, the question remains- Does zinc work?

Acne Control and Zinc


Acne and other skin problems are due to zinc deficiencies, according to several studies. Bacterial infections in the skin play an important role in acne, particularly among adults. Zinc is known for its infection-fighting properties, and seems to be useful in the treatment of acne.

Zinc oxide has been used to cure diaper rash for years. Zinc is known for its skin-soothing and healing properties as well. Studies have proved that zinc is beneficial in the treatment of acne, and is very effective-as effective in tetracycline in some cases. It is commonly recommended to take cheated zinc in a dosage of between 60 and 90mg a day for acne treatment(). Zinc is a naturally – occurring mineral which is a kind of essential element for the body’s function. Thus, it is more effective in the long run to use zinc rather than antibiotics in long-term acne treatment.

Other Tips for Acne Skin Care

When sebum, bacteria or dead skin cells get trapped in clogged pores, whiteheads happen. The blemish takes on a white appearance on its surface, and should be squeezed to treat. If the pore is not entirely blocked, then the trapped sebum, bacteria or dead cells find access to the skin’s surface. When melanin in the skin reacts with oxygen in the air, the blemish has a black appearance. It can take quite a while to clear up blackheads, and treatment for them may involve a long period of time. Cysts are categorized by pus-filled blemishes that are 5mm or more across in size. These are painful and can lead to scars if not treated properly. If you squeeze cysts, they will just get worse. Nodules can result in scarring if squeezed and can be painful to boot. Getting treatment for acne treatment from a dermatologist is ideal. Pustules are similar to whiteheads but they are more serious and become inflamed. Remember not to squeeze them, however tempted you may be to perform your own acne treatment(), because this could result in scarring. Pimples are inflamed red bumps. The best preventative treatment for acne involves keeping your hands off those zits!