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Person s Living style and food habits have a great impact on Gout. Proper diet can help in lowering the level of uric acid in the body. It is to be noted that treatment for Gout varies from person to person therefore what is effective for one may not be effective for the other. Gout is a chronic disease and needs to be cured before it worsens. Below are the tips on how to prevent Gout.

Dietary Tips For Gout:

1. Avoid High purine food: It is recommended to have food rich in antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals in the body. Foods which are high in purine content increase the level of uric acid thereby causing Gout attacks. People with chronic Gout have to be stricter with diet of low purine content.

2. Body Weight Reduction: Sticking to the recommended dietary tips i and also reducing weight is important because obesity is also a prime cause of Gout. You don t need to get indulged in intense exercise but having low fat diet and little of exercise can help in weight loss which in turn will lower the uric acid levels in the body.


3. Alcohol Avoidance: Alcohol hampers the excretion from the body which in turns hinders the removal of uric acid. Excretion flushes out the excess of uric acid from the body. Avoiding alcohol will keep the balance of uric acid and will prevent Gout.

4. Water: Person who is suffering from chronic gout or the one who has just experienced Gout flares should make it a habit of drinking at least 12-15 glasses of water every day. Water acts as a solvent for uric acid and also promotes excretion.

5. Suggested Foods: Foods like green vegetables, broccoli, fruits like berries-strawberries, cherries, cranberries, celery seed extract and milk etc together helps in lowering the level of uric acid and acts as antioxidants to cure chronic gout and prevent the occurrence of Gout attacks. They also have anti-inflammation properties to lessen the pain caused in joints due to Gout.

Medication for Gout:

1. Allopurinol: Allopurinol is the oldest and the commonly used medication for Gout. Various allopurinols used are Synol, Puricos, Zyoprim, Lopurin and Zyloric. It is neither anti-inflammatory nor does it alleviate any symptoms; it simply helps in the reduction of level of uric acid in the body. The only drawback of this it that you cannot start the medication with allopurinol while you are suffering from Gout attack. When you start with the medication you have to continue it even when you are not experiencing Gout flares- this is very important

2. Vitamins Supplements: Vitamins are rich in antioxidants. Some of the major antioxidant are carotenoids such as beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene. Along with these antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E and other elements can also be quite useful in fighting Gout. You can also take multivitamin tablet each day as it will provide you with alkalizing minerals such as calcium and zinc which can help in reducing the uric acid in the body. Always prefer to buy quality vitamins.

Above mentioned tips are easy and handy solutions to a common question of how to prevent Gout. Adhering to these can surely help you to cure chronic gout and prevent its re-occurrence.

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