5 Tips For A Garden Wedding

Submitted by: Gloria Philips

Getting married is, for most people, the most important event of their lives. Holding a wedding ceremony in a garden allows the beauty of nature to infiltrate the mood and sacred vows of the bride and groom.

It is important to keep some things in mind, of course, when planning a garden wedding, such as where you d like to hold your ceremony, what time of year, the number of people that the venue will comfortably accommodate.

Choosing a Site

There are an endless number of places a garden wedding can be held. Don t fail to consider arboretums, bed and breakfasts (these are often elegant, classic buildings from the 1800 and 1900 s, which make beautiful backdrops for any ceremony), if finances are limited, consider your own backyard, or perhaps someone you know with a sizeable lawn, historical buildings in the city, town and state parks, city parks (some of these parks may maintain beautiful working fountains), find out where the Garden Clubs in the area meet and then explore all of those options.

When choosing a site, keep in mind who has been invited and who will be attending. Is it necessary for there to be handicapped ramps available? This might limit the ceremony site in terms of geography, those in wheelchairs, for example, will have a difficult time getting over hilly and rough terrain.


Decorating the Outdoor Venue

One of the reasons people choose to hold a ceremony outdoors is because most of these sites are already decorated by nature. If planning the ceremony far in advance, it is important to remember to find out what exact plants and flowers will be in bloom at the time of year of the ceremony. If these plants and flowers are not acceptable, an alternate plan will be needed. Importing flowers is a good solution. Make sure all imported and arranged flowers have access to enough water, as heat and sun will have them wilting before the ceremony is over.

Necessary Equipment

Because most of the decorating is furnished by nature, the only extras that will be needed are items such as chairs, an altar, perhaps a few candles, ribbons, and an arbor or trellis.

The weather is always an issue with outdoor gatherings and most importantly with a wedding ceremony. If it is possible, renting and erecting a tent nearby in case of inclement weather will make everyone more comfortable if dark clouds approach. Most likely the same venue that is hosting the ceremony will host the reception as well, so this tent may also serve as an area for the reception.


Of course, every bride and groom wish for the perfect day for their ceremony, and hire a photographer and/or videographer to capture their day. Holding a garden ceremony can pose some problems for photographers and videographers due to the lack of available electrical outlets, and other lighting considerations. Photographers will need to be well equipped with the correct light meters and shades, the videographer will need to bring extra supplies of tripods and power. It is important to scope out where the portraits should be shot, and to make sure that no erroneous plants are sticking out of the bridal party s heads in the background. It is also imperative to choose an alternative spot for pictures if it happens to be raining.

Fun Extras

Every wedding ceremony and reception has favors for their guests. To accompany the outdoor theme, try tiny terra cotta pots already planted with a seedling.

For extra decorations, trim the tall trees in the immediate area with tiny white lights. Even during the daytime the extra lights will add a bit of sparkle, and if the day happens to be cloudy, it will give the area a magical effect.

Import a birdbath for guests to wish into. Guests can toss coins or flowers inside, and it would make a splendid backdrop for portraits of the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl.

Fill mason jars with sand then add tea lights. These can be used as luminaries along the walkway or wrapped up in heavy wire then hung from nearby trees.

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