How To Find Luxury Apartments In Nyc For Sale

Click Here To Find Out More About: Land Data Brisbane byadmin Luxury apartments in NYC for sale present an amazing opportunity to live in New York City, but still be certain that one is living as safely as possible. New York City is a booming place, filled with culture, nightlife, and convenient access to just about everything a person could want, but some people feel a bit of anxiety about living in such a busyContinue reading

DaimlerChrysler to sell Chrysler Group for $7.4 Billion

Monday, May 14, 2007 The DaimlerChrysler Corporation has announced that the corporation is divesting itself of the Chrysler Group by selling it to New York City-based private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management for US$7.4 billion. The companies’ names are announced to be changed to Daimler AG and Chrysler Holding LLC. DaimlerChrysler has sold 80.1% of its stake in Chrysler, retaining the other 19.9%, for joint ventures and other agreements and partnerships. Cerberus has agreed toContinue reading


Supporters of Myanmar’s Suu Kyi mark detained leader’s 62nd birthday

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 Aung San Suu Kyi, the detained leader of the National League for Democracy in Myanmar marked her 62nd birthday today, still under house arrest, where she has spent most of the past 17 years. About 250 supporters met at the National League for Democracy (NLD) headquarters in Yangon, not far from Suu Kyi’s home, and held a rally calling for her release. Doves and balloons were released into the air, underContinue reading


Payment pending; Canadian recording industry set for six billion penalties?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 A report published last week in the Toronto Star by Professor Michael Geist of Canada’s University of Ottawa claims a copyright case under the Class Proceedings Act of 1992 may see the country’s largest players in the music industry facing upwards of C$6 billion in penalties. The case is being led by the family and estate of the late jazz musician Chet Baker; moving to take legal action against four majorContinue reading


Why You Might Want To Replace Old Dental Fillings

Click Here To Find Out More About: Porcelain Veneers By Paul Walters Have you had lots of cavities over the years? If so, the odds are your mouth is filled with those ugly silver colored fillings that can really mar the look of your mouth and even impinge on your smile, depending on where they are located. These “amalgam” fillings are actually quite common, despite an ongoing controversy about the mercury that is used inContinue reading

Civil Rights lawyer Oliver Hill dies

Sunday, August 5, 2007 Oliver Hill, an American Civil Rights lawyer died today at the age of 100. Hill was attending breakfast, when he died “peacefully,” said a friend of Hill’s family, Joseph Morrissey. The cause is not yet known. “As a pioneer for civil rights, an accomplished attorney, and a war veteran, Mr. Hill’s dedication to serving the commonwealth and the country never failed,” said Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine in a statement released toContinue reading


Australian opposition minister gives speech on poverty

Thursday, October 20, 2005 Australian shadow minister for work, family, youth, and community, Tanya Plibersek, gave a speech today on poverty as part of Anti-Poverty Week 2005. During the speech she criticised the government in a number of areas, including not committing to the UN Millennium Development Goals, the proposed industrial relations legislation, and the governments funding of services for the homeless. Anti-Poverty Week runs from Monday 17th to Friday 21st October, and is derivedContinue reading


Death toll of Bahrain tourist boat capsizing rises to 57

Saturday, April 1, 2006At least 57 people are now known to have died when a boat designed similar to a traditional dhow capsized one mile of the coast of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Seventeen were Indian and a further 13 of the dead are British; people of another six nationalities are also known to have died. The passengers were mostly foreigners from the Nass-Murray and Roberts construction company, and were enjoying an evening dinnerContinue reading


Synthetic High Strength Tensile Dyneema Rope 30 M

Click Here To Find Out More About: Cotton Sash Cord Dyneema SK75 Synthetic, High Strength Winch Rope 30MCompatible with most brands of winches, this high tensile Dyneema SK75 synthetic winch rope is the one to go for! It’s designed for heavy duty usage with 24,000lbs breaking point, it is great for high performance line in sports such as sailing and parasailing.Comes with other great qualitiessuch as wear resistant metal parts, clevis hook with safety latch,Continue reading

China overtakes Germany as world’s biggest exporter

Sunday, January 10, 2010 Chinese officials have said that their country’s exports surged last December to edge out Germany as the world’s biggest exporter. The official Xinhua news agency reported today that figures from the General Administration for Customs showed that exports jumped 17.7% in December from a year earlier. Over the whole of 2009 total Chinese exports reached US$1.2 trillion, above Germany’s forecast $1.17 trillion. Huang Guohua, a statistics official with the customs administration,Continue reading